Greek Columnar Basil

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Greek Columnar Basil adds height and form to a container or herb garden and provides a steady supply of basil for cooking. This small leaf, upright variety of one of the world’s favorite herbs rarely goes to seed and will grow vigorously until frost. It has a spicy flavor that is somewhere between sweet basil and Thai basil.

I purchased mine from a local Cape Cod organic vegetable grower last May and planted it in a conical shaped clay pot. It grew to a height of 30 inches and served as a formal accent in the kitchen garden all season.

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  1. Greek Columnar Basil is as wonderful in the landscape as it is in the kitchen. As an architectural element in the garden, it provides contrast with low-growing bedding plants. As a culinary element, it provides a steady supply of fresh, flavorful leaves, unrivalled by the dried stuff on supermarket shelves. Finally, this herb is easily grown, thriving in a sunny location, in a variety of soils that drain well. Great plant!

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